[solved]cms/db pages not brought up in cms tree or list view in fuel cms 1.0 beta

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the page list or tree view just stopped working yesterday. i can still access the page details in the cms by using recent history and selecting them individually and the "select another" drop down shows the other pages as well so i can get to the not so recent pages that way, but it's got me kind of nervous. any config settings that i may have changed that would cause this? what files would be responsible for the loading of this view in cms? otherwise just wanted to report it.


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    Those views get Ajaxed in? Are you seeing any errors in your developer console from the ajax requests?

    What version are you using 0.93 or the 1.0 beta?
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    where would the errors show up? in activity log? btw, full view of activity log won't come up either. same loading icon only. i'm using the beta. thanks
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    ok, i figured it out when i noticed that the recently modified pages links in cms were pointing to locations ending in html. i had set url ending to 'html' thinking it would just effect the output urls but evidently the cms is taking that url config option fairly seriously. thanks for the help.
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