FUEL... where have you been all my life.

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Found this (FUEL) yesterday after getting frustrated with Yii.
I've been using codeigniter for ages, basic stuff so far and got side tracked to what seemed like a more feature rich framework.
I'm really glad you released this, thanks, i'm back with codeigniter now.. JOY!.
Will post a site soon, there's not many examples in here yet, working on one right now!


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    Glad to hear it! Looking forward to it.
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    Hi there, firstly a great looking CMS, just installed to have a look at back-end, really like the fact that it is built with Codeigniter, gotta love that framework. Been working with Wordpress lately for a CMS which is all great and all but it is not with out it's own little issues...Expect our company web site to be listed under your projects page soon...All the best for the future... ;)
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    Thanks for the support... and we look forward to seeing your site as well.
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