Help with IE hack error appears only on fuel page

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I have a home page that I created manually with this line in the head section:
<!--[if !IE 7]> <style type="text/css"> #wrap {display:table;height:100%} </style> <![endif]-->

The home page works fine.

This ie hack line exists in the header block file as well.
My main layout is calling the header block.

I imported the about us page through the fuel admin and selected the main layout.

When I run the about us page I get this error:
Compilation error at line 31 in "string:" : Parse error in "display:table;height:100%}

Why do I get it on the about us page and not in the home page?


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    Try putting a space after the opening "{ " and before " }". Alternatively, you can wrap it in {literal}...{/literal}

    The Dwoo parsing library sees that as an attempt to merge a variable.
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