Insecure generation of "file" type fields in form_fields method of Base_module_model class

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When we create modules, one way we can generate file type fields in the form is using the following instructions (as an example):

class Items_venta_model extends Base_module_model{
public function form_fields($values = array())
$fields['ITVE_DESCARGA']['type'] = "file";
$fields['ITVE_DESCARGA']['upload_path'] = "D:/Archivos de Programa/winginx/home/localhost/public_html/colosoft/assets/images/products/";
$fields['ITVE_DESCARGA']['overwrite'] = TRUE;

The problem is that fuel generate the following HTML code:

In this way, a hacker would know the path of the directory of the server.

I would appreciate that give priority to this bug, because I consider that is critical for create secure modules. Thanks!


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    Thanks for the report. We have implemented a change to encrypt that value and decrypt upon submit on the 1.0 branch. This branch will be the next major release and contains a ton of new features and improvements.

    If you cannot use the 1.0 branch, perhaps you could implement something similar on your model using the on_before_post hook to decrypt the upload_path on the $_POST variable that eventually gets used in processing the uploaded file.
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    Thanks for your help!
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