Admin control panel themes / skinning the backend?

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Hi guys, I was wondering if there's a good / easy way to create new looks for the backend. I see that the view files are placed in modules/fuel/views/ so I guess it's just a matter of editing those files - but is there a better way? (thinking that upgrading will be a bit more of a hassle if those files are edited .. but then again if I'm interested in streamlining the backend for a specific task I might not ever need to update the /view/ files since I generally wouldn't need new functionality introduced .. I guess .. Anyhow - any input is appreciated! :-)


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    The CSS and images are located in the fuel/modules/fuel/assets directory and in particular, you would probably want to edit the fuel.css file. Alternatively, FUEL has an xtra_css configuration parameter that you can add to your fuel/application/config/MY_fuel.php file, which will allow you to overwrite existing styles to make it look the way you want:
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    Thank you for that info. I think I'd want to do more than just editing the visual looks though but also add to / remove from / reorder the sidebar menu.
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    The sidebar menu is created by the $config['nav'] parameter in the fuel/modules/fuel/config/fuel.php file. You can overwrite that configuration parameter in your fuel/application/config/MY_fuel.php file. Also, modules like the blog add their menu items in there own config file (look at fuel/modules/blog/config/blog.php).

    As an FYI, the sidebar is written in the fuel/modules/fuel/views/_blocks/fuel_header.php

    Hope that helps
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    Yeah I found it in fuel_header.php but didn't know about the 'nav' config item. That might be cleaner.

    Thanks a bunch! :-)
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