Admin panel does not show edit panel if turkish Characters used

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Hello ,
I am a newbie. My problem is that when i use any turkish characters admin panel stops to show the pages. Is there a way to open international chars. ?


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    Do you have a screenshot of what it looks like or any error messages?
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    There is an empty page showing this address 'http://localhost/~ytsejam/kirmizi/index.php?/fuel/users/edit/1'.

    If i use 'akın' for the last name it happens.
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    What kind of platform are you using to run PHP/MySQL/Apache (e.g. MAMP, WAMP, etc)?
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    My platform is arch linux .. Php/mysql/Apache everything is working fine. There is no problem with english characters . But when i use turkish characters . I only see empty page .
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    Are there any errors being returned by the server or any clues you see in the headers? I've ran into issues in the past using a version of MAMP and the iconv library being used by the MAMP version of PHP was causing problems with non-english characters. I wound up debugging the issue by looking at the CodeIgniter Utf8::clean_string method and seeing what was returned.
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