FuelCMS is the right solution for me?

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Hello everybody, I need your help.

I have a nice working website in PHP / MYSQL and I need to add more features. It’s based on an old proprietary CMS (with only one huge file for functions) and I want to rewrite it.

By the way I need to keep my url structure and my actual database, I can change the structure but I need to keep data.

Fuel CMS could be a right solution for me?

I need something that help me to design the structure...


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    Possibly. It really depends on how complicated the existing database structure is and what needs to be mapped to FUEL modules (either custom or built in) as well as how comfortable you are using CodeIgniter. I think it helps to think of projects from the CodeIgniter standpoint and then worry about the CMS part since FUEL essentially is a CMS wrapper around CodeIgniter.
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