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Hi, Are you planning for FuleCMS multiple websites support?


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    We've put it on the list to consider but it probably won't be something we tackle in the near future unfortunately. There are some other features that will probably take precedence like multi-language support.

    Part of the issue is figuring out what multiple website support means. For example, like any other CI app, you could right now create another application directory and a new bootstrap index.php file that points to that new application directory. However, you would need to create another database and assets directory to point to.
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    Personally I think that would be one of the killer features.

    Multiple websites:

    - website management (add/edit/remove domain, assign template/view directory)
    - parent-child template(view) structure
    - all pages/blocks/assets assigned to the website

    Basically: one application directory - multiple templates (and assets) depends on domain.
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    I agree that this is needed in a CMS these days. I can see a simple "hosts" module that could control this.

    I want to transition away from my employer's cms and this is the only thing holding me back with some cms's right now. They're one-site centric and I need one that would work in an environment of 700+ websites.
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