on_after_post hook returns correct value but database gets old value

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I tried the on_after_hook on one of my project and it runs correctly but the returned value has no meaning.
It returns correct value whereas the database gets the default value not modified value

I am using version 1.


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    Both the on_before_post and on_after_post hooks don't actually return values. They should be used to manipulate the $_POST values (as in the case of on_before_post), or perform an action after the post (like change an images dimensions). If you are wanting to change the value, try one of the hooks like on_before_save, on_before_clean, or on_before_validate.
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    actually I wanted to use multiple image on same field with comma seperated value. so I needed to upload multiple images and get the names of uploaded images and change the values.
    all is done except the name to be stored on database.
    I will try other hooks for these.

    I have used the assets to do so but the thing is:
    multiple user login to the system and one user can delete the image uploaded by others.

    If this has other solution it would be great.
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    Unfortunately, FUEL does not provide specific permissions to asset files and it is an all or nothing thing unless you create something custom which it sounds like you may be doing.
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