Inline editor places itself off the screen

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I'm just starting to implement some inline editing, which is working pretty well, but the editor always pops up at (0, 0) relative to where you click, no matter the position of the element. Thus, if the editable content area is near the right edge of the screen, the editor only shows a slice of itself.

Is there a way to make it always show up in the middle of the page or something like that?


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    There currently is not an option to do that unfortunately. The only other option is to use the 4th and 5th parameters of fuel_edit to provide x and y offset values
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    This makes it unusable in most situations. Is there any momentum to include offset parameters in the future? Or maybe not set 'top' and 'left' as element-level style rules? It would be easy to style if that wasn't the case.
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    For anyone with the same problem looking for a temporary fix, here's something:

    In the /fuel/modules/fuel/assets/css/fuel_inline.css file, you can edit the .__fuel_edit_active__ line (line 108 for me, though yours may be different) to something like this (with 'top' and 'left' being whatever you want them to be, of course):

    .__fuel_edit_active__ {
    top: 100px !important;
    left: 200px !important;
    z-index: 1001;
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