Database Error Occured

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I am facing below error, while clicking on "validate" or "Page Analytics" Link.

A Database Error Occurred

Error Number: 1146

Table 'fuel.domain_main' doesn't exist

SELECT `domain_main`.* FROM (`domain_main`)

my table name is "aks_domain"
my module name is "domain"

Here is the code of config/domain_fuel_modules.php

$config['modules']['domain_main'] = array( 'module_name' => 'Sub Domain', 'module_uri' => 'domain/main', 'model_name' => 'domain_main_model', 'model_location' => 'domain', 'display_field' => 'sub_domain', 'preview_path' => 'domain/main/{id}', 'permission' => 'domain/main', 'instructions' => 'Manage Sub Domain', 'archivable' => TRUE, 'configuration' => array('domain' => 'domain'), 'nav_selected' => 'domain/main', 'sanitize_input' => array('template','php') );


// tables for Ads $config['tables']['domain_main'] = 'aks_domain'; $config['tables']['domain_pages'] = 'aks_pages'; $config['tables']['domain_setting'] = 'aks_setting';

NOTE : Inside domain module all model is working perfectly, (Add/Edit/Delete all are working fine)

I am not getting why above error is coming? and from which file?


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    Can you send me the module and SQL so I can examine it locally?
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    Mail Sent
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    There is a second parameter you can pass in the constructor which is the module folder name (see for example any of the blog models). This tells it what config to load in that has the table names.
    function __construct() { parent::__construct('domain_main', 'domain'); }
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    Got it, Thanks !!!
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