Form Builder :: $submitValues does not support foreign characters

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I just realized that Fuel form_builder's option "submit_values" does not support special characters,

line: 407, 654
... $this->form->$submit_btn($this->submit_value, $this->submit_value,...);

I suppose form's id and name (second param) can be changed with some fixed or global value instead the label - to avoid the
"Disallowed Key Characters." error


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    You can also pass an entire tag as the value as well like so:
    <input type="submit" value="Submit Form" name="submit" id="submit" />
  • suwsuw
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    Of course you can - but isn't this simple?

    $this->form_builder->submit_value = lang("btn_config");

    i've made a patch - if you wish to take a look please :)
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    I agree. I'll implement that for the next release we are working on.
  • suwsuw
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    thank you
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    How about exposing the submit button's class too? HI had a case to change it from the default .submit for use with the foundation framework. Maybe a little lazy of me..
  • suwsuw
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    How about this.
    Don't change much from your Form_builder class, but allow one to add submit button with options like any other input field.

    I just added 3 lines to Form_builder.php - to allow one to define also "submit" option,
    here's a quick example:


    "type" => "submit",
    "value" =>"My submit button",
    "class" =>"submit"
    "label"=>"Some Text"

    You'll notice that send button is built before input text,
    now you can add submit button in a group or whatever you want - if you have
    a big form - you can have multiple submit buttons...

    the default submit button is not rendered if we already have a submit button

    here's the patch - add it to original Form_builder.php (this patch also include the 'foreign character' fix)

    or you can download the whole php file from here
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