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Noticed this in final debug - editing an image (either from page or from admin)

Image upload to
$upload_path = assets_server_path('committees', 'images');

Name of image is "test.jpg"

The image lands in "/assets/images/committees/test.jpg"

Value that lands in the database field is" test.jpg"

But if you try to upload a replacement -- the preview of the existing image is "/assets/images/test.jpg"
(but since that isn't where the image is, so you see a broken image symbol)

This is coming from line 424 of base_module_model.php
if (!empty($values[$key])) $img = '<div class="img_display"><img src="'.img_path($values[$key]).'" style="float: right;"/></div>';

The replacement again lands where it should be.
Seems the subdirectory either needs to be saved in the database field or line 424 needs the subdirectory

Not critical, but it would be nice to have the image show.



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    The will be addressed in the next release.
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