Navigation using CMS

edited December 2010 in Bug Reports
In the tutorial "Learning FUEL CMS PART 4: Using the CMS", it is mentioned that one can upload nav.php under the 'main' navigation group, which can later be used by fuel_nav () function.

in fuel_nav () function, following lines are listed:
// grab all menu items by group
$menu_items = $CI->navigation_model->find_all_by_group($p['group_id']);

where 'group_id' defaults to 1.

However, every time a new group is created in the navigation pane of the CMS admin interface, the group_id will automatically increment, for example, one can have two groups 'main' and 'main_extra' with group_id of 1 and 2 respectively.

Is there a way to load a navigation mens with group_id other than 1?



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