Table Prefixes? Need multiple installations in one database.

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Would it be possible to make Fuel CMS support database table prefixes? I need to run 3 installations of Fuel CMS on one database, so the fact that the table names are basically hard-coded are a complete bummer for me, it essentially prevents me from using Fuel CMS for my project.


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    You should be fine if you set the prefix in the /fuel/application/config/database.php config file and then in your MY_fuel.php config file overwrite the fuel tables:

    $config['tables'] = array( 'archives' => 'prefix_fuel_archives', 'blocks' => 'prefix_fuel_blocks', 'logs' => 'prefix_fuel_logs', 'navigation' => 'prefix_fuel_navigation', 'navigation_groups' => 'prefix_fuel_navigation_groups', 'pages' => 'prefix_fuel_pages', 'pagevars' => 'prefix_fuel_page_variables', 'permissions' => 'prefix_fuel_permissions', 'relationships' => 'prefix_fuel_relationships', 'settings' => 'prefix_fuel_settings', 'users' => 'prefix_fuel_users', );
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