FuelCMS - backend theme support?

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Is this already planned for the upcoming version? It would rock to have themes support, if not just because I'd love to cook up a Twitter Bootstrap powered theme for Fuel...
if none of this is already planned, would it be impossible to create a theme with the current version without hacking anything in the core?

I thought why not give Twitter Bootstrap a try and see how FuelCMS would look with it - so I went along and spent the last hour hacking some of the fuel/modules/fuel/views files and here's the results... kinda shabby actually.


Don't even ask why I did this, but I guess if you were planning to create a Bootstrap theme and were wondering how it would turn out looking... well, whatever. :)

also for those wondering, it's currently impossible to create a custom theme without changing the HTML (unless you really don't need to) ... what I found out is that the html is actually heavily intertwined within PHP functions both inside views (ie fuel/_blocks/fuel_header) or inside libraries (data_table, form) - although the latter are kinda obvious


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    FUEL CMS is getting a bit of a facelift using portions of Twitter Bootstrap for the next release. We haven't ruled out incorporating themes but the next release will most likely not include that beyond the xtra_css FUEL configuration parameter you can set.
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    For what it's worth, I'd aslo recommend using only portions of the bootstrap - as you can see from my quick test the stock FuelCMS looks way better than that! The only thing i'd use would be alerts, buttons / form elements, probably the tables....
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