error when changing to mac

I have added an advanced module and everything works fine on my windows computer (wamp). However when I either upload or open the page on a mac (xampp) I get the following error at the login screen:
A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Warning Message: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/ruben/public_html/yogaterschelling2/fuel/modules/dennie/config/dennie_routes.php:1) Filename: libraries/Session.php Line Number: 672

I have seen posts before with this error but I could not find the solution. This is my dennie_routes.php:

<?php $route[FUEL_ROUTE.'testtool'] = 'dennie'; $route[FUEL_ROUTE.'testtool/dennie'] = 'dennie'; $route[FUEL_ROUTE.'testtool/do_upload/(:any)'] = 'dennie/do_upload/$1'; $route[FUEL_ROUTE.'testtool/showpictures/(:any)/do_upload'] = 'dennie/do_upload/$1'; $route[FUEL_ROUTE.'testtool/showpictures'] = 'dennie/getpicture'; $route[FUEL_ROUTE.'testtool/showpictures/(:any)'] = 'dennie/getpicture/$1'; $route[FUEL_ROUTE.'testtool/delete_album'] = 'dennie/delete_album'; $route[FUEL_ROUTE.'testtool/add_album'] = 'dennie';

You probably need more. But before posting all my code I would like to hear where you think the problem could be. Thanks!


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    Sometimes you get that error if you have a space or return after a closing ?> tag in one of your libraries or helper files. It may be a difference in your versions of PHP as to why it's now showing on your Mac.
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