Unknown column 'fuel_blog_users.id' in 'where clause'


under the default BLOG, I set up a new AUTHOR. I then clicked View and get the following error:

A Database Error Occurred

Error Number: 1054

Unknown column 'fuel_blog_users.id' in 'where clause'

SELECT fuel_blog_users.*, fuel_users.id, CONCAT(first_name, " ", last_name) as name, fuel_users.first_name, fuel_users.last_name, fuel_users.email, fuel_users.user_name, fuel_users.active, posts_count FROM (fuel_blog_users) LEFT JOIN fuel_users ON fuel_users.id = fuel_blog_users.fuel_user_id LEFT JOIN fuel_blog_posts ON fuel_blog_posts.author_id = fuel_users.id LEFT JOIN (SELECT COUNT(*) AS posts_count, author_id FROM fuel_blog_posts GROUP BY author_id) AS temp ON temp.author_id= fuel_users.id WHERE `fuel_blog_users`.`id` = '1' GROUP BY fuel_users.id LIMIT 1

Filename: core/MY_Model.php

Line Number: 261

URL: http://localhost:8888/localfolder/fuel/blog/users/view/1

Any ideas?


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