Is it possible to Render Menu Static & Dynamic together?

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I have some fixed menu, which should can't Edit or Delete by admin..

For example

Home --- Fixed
Products --- Fixed
About --- Dynamic Page
Articles --- Dynamic Page
Contact --- Fixed

For About & Articles, Admin can do Edit/Delete the page & menu from Fuel Admin
or Even if they want to add more menu and it's pages then also it can do.

But Admin should can't access Home, Contact, Product Menu... Because it's not dynamic.. It must come.

So How can I render the menu?

Recently.. In my top menu, I have written Fixed HTML code for menu, like below.

[ul] [li] [a href="/home"]Home[/a][/li] [li] [a href="/products"]Products[/a][/li] [li] [a href="/contact"]Contact[/a][/li] [/ul]

Now in above menu. How can I append the fuel_nav() ? I hope you are getting my point..


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    Right now, it's all or nothing being static or dynamic. We often will create the menu structure statically and then import it in after we have it all setup like we want it.
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