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Frontend CSS/Images path

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For Frontend side, I have my custom css & images folder, it's like below


Now How can I set this path in FUEL?

In assets.php file, If I change the 'css'=>'css/' or 'images'=>'images/' then it is spoiling FUEL Admin panel, So I can't do change over there...

$config['assets_folders'] = array( 'images' => 'images/', 'css' => 'css/', 'js' => 'js/', 'pdf' => 'pdf/', 'swf' => 'swf/', 'media' => 'media/', 'captchas' => 'captchas/' );

I would like to know Where I can set my custom path, So FUEL admin can also works fine and Frontend too..

(NOTE: In frontend I don't want to load FUEL css/images)


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    Hello I got the solution for this...

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    Great. Could you post your solution just in case someone else has the same problem?
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    Actually it's not the solution, But As I have put my style.css inside the css folder
    and my siteimages folder inside "images" folder..

    And in View Page I have set like below..

    <?php echo css('style'); ?> <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"> //<![CDATA[ var basePath = '<?php echo site_url();?>'; var imgPath = '<?php echo fuel_var('siteimages'); ?>'; //]]> </script>

    In _variables/global.php I have set siteimage path like below
    $vars['siteimages'] = '/assets/images/siteimages/';

    So is it correct method? or is it also possible to set like I have mention in my first post?

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    Actually, your original post should have worked but there was an issue that needed to be fixed. I've updated it on GitHub but specifically the following files where changed:

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    aha so after that I can add my image/css path in assets.php?
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    You should be able to change them in the fuel/application/config/asset.php file and it won't effect the admin
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    aha thanks.. I'll checkout
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