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Might be spurious and isn't really breaking anything, but --

Last July, I uploaded a nav file. Since then, I've only edited via the dashboard. I'm picking up W3C validation errors, all related to spacing. The file I uploaded had lots of "class=" in it. The classes are needed, but the spaces in front of them in the generated html have disappeared.

Still works, but would be nice if the code validated.



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    Would you mind providing an snippet of the HTML of which you speak?
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    <li class="first"><a href="http://www.fnpsdev.org/who-we-are/who-we-are"class='who_we_are' title="Who We Are">Who We Are</a>

    Trivial, but it does not validate since there is no space before "class"

    This is true for all the top level nav items that have a class that originated from the upload last July. None had the missing space when uploaded. All have subsequently been edited via Fuel and all now lack the space.
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    Was the class='who_we_are' added via the CMS as an attribute?
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    That was in the original file, but it (and all other li's with class attributes) did have a space in front of it.

    The href is not the original
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