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There may be a way to do this ... but I failed to see it over the last 10 months ...


In model, list_items() -- there needs to be a way for the "col" parameter to be some combination of columns. For example, I have several models where "year" is clearly appropriate as a start but alone it shows up as non-unique far too many times. I need to combine "year" plus "author" to get to something semi-unique. My hate list is where the first of several likely combinants is blank or NULL -- I have one scenario with several hundred of them.

I did not fare well when trying to use SQL to accomplish this.. But maybe I misunderstood the documentation or missed something.

This is on my "minor irritants" that could easily be "my ignorance" list. That is, might just be a documentation need.

Just an FYI -- this will only annoy my super-admins. They (mostly me) will live with it.

Another FYI -- I'm going to try to give you all of these annoyances as documentation or fixes (as appropriate) will improve the usability of Fuel (which I'm totally in love with)



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    Just to clarify, are you talking about the actual dashboard or the list_items view modules use? They're not the same thing.

    If you want to override the sql generated in list_items you can do this->db calls in there. Do these before calling parent::list_items().

    To group different columns you'll want to CONCAT() them and name the column with AS.

    Actually, blog_posts_model::list_items() has an example of exactly that. It concats the first and last names into 'author'.
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    List_items ()

    The above helped. I'd assumed single values when in actuality, any legit combination of columns works -- likewise order can be a MySQL phrase.

    Turn this into a suggestion for documentation clarification. Once understood, it works just fine. I ultimately followed the example of the blog and just hard coded what I wanted and ignored the parameters.

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