Sitemap File Issues & Possible Fixes

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I found a couple of issues in the sitemap files I thought you would want to be aware of. I am using the master branch.

First in the fuel/application/views/sitemap_xml.php file line 31 currently reads

<?php if (!empty($page['frequency'])) : ?><?=$default_frequency?><?php endif; ?>

The default doesn't get used because I think the page frequency is always empty in this scenario. Is this the possible change?

<?php if (!empty($page['frequency'])) : ?><?=$page['frequency']?><?php else: ?><?=$default_frequency?><?php endif; ?>

Second in the fuel/application/views/_layouts/sitemap_xml.php file lines 2 and 3, I had to change from page_model to pages_model. Lines 9 an 10 I had to change from accessing page elements as an array to an object like so $page['location'] to $page->location and $page['last_modified'] to $page->last_modified.

Hope this helps.



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    Thanks for the report. That has been updated for both versions.
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