Inline Edit and Precedence Sorting

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I'm hoping to keep my less savvy users out of admin -- the more I can keep them on the page the better.

Might you have any thoughts on how to accomplishing precedence sorting in an inline editing context?



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    The only way to do precedence sorting with inline-editing is by updating each items precedence field (there is no rearrange feature for inline-editing).

    For insight into how it is done in the backend, the fuel/modules/fuel/js/fuel/controller/BaseFuelController.js has a a rearrangeItems method that uses the "tableDnD" plugin. The onDrop callback is used to send the updated precedence values to the fuel/modules/fuel/controllers/module.php "items_precedence" method.
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    Thanks -- I suspected as much. I'll keep "order" in there. Might want to put that on your list for some distant future update (clearly not a priority).
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