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Hi, what do you think about fuel localisation? I can help to translate help and cms to russian language, because i like than project :)


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    Thanks. We do need help with localization. There is a localization file at fuel/modules/fuel/language/en/fuel_lang.php that would be a good place to start. We hope to take a better look at it here in the next month or two but meanwhile, any translation would be great.
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    Where i can upload files to you?
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    If you click on my profile picture, you should be able to see my email address.
  • i think you shouldn't underestimate localisation thats important i can also help for turkish. there are many ci fans in turkey. i can easily say after zend ci is second
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    I currently working to modify entirely the latest version to let my clients localise the entire interface. I can send you the modified source at least I finish the mods. For now I create a brand new French lang file and modified all the views to let the user swap the language of the UI simply by uploading the correct lang file. Maybe we should take a look to integrate a function in the backend to let the user specifiate the lang file he want to use (scaffold the lang dir and show the installed lang in a specific config panel)
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    Good idea. We could tie it to the users profile. Please send when you are ready.
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    My friend translate different parts of wiki on Russian, where he can publish it?
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    You can email me the files directly. I'm currently working on getting all the text into lang files (right now, only part of it is). I have what you previously sent me for Russian which I'm currently using and will need to be added to.
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    Are these localization files available for download?
    I extremely need Russian. :)
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    I've been working on localization off and on the past couple weeks. There are some parts of it in Russian that have been translated already but will need to be re-addressed once I'm able to extract all the text into lang files. I'm hoping to have all the text extracted out in the next couple weeks.
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    I try to make a simple module and have found, that parameters 'label' and 'description' help to localize layouts and modules.
    For layouts in MY_fuel_layouts.php:
    $config['layout_fields']['home'] = array(
    'header' => array('type' => 'input', 'description' => 'Заголовок страницы', 'label' => 'Заголовок'),

    and for modules:

    function form_fields($values = array()) {
    $fields['name']['label'] = 'Название';
    $fields['name']['description'] = 'Максимум 200 символов.';
    $fields['name']['comment'] = 'Максимум 200 символов.'; // this replace comments from database


    This works only on Create/Edit pages with forms , but not on Read pages with a lists.
    I am disappointed. Is there any solution for module localization? May be I don't know something?
    And how to replace name of the module? I try this

    $config['modules']['slides'] = array(
    'preview_path' => '',
    'title' => 'Слайдшоу',
    //and this
    'label' => 'Слайдшоу',
    //and this
    'name' => 'Слайдшоу',

    but nothing working. So, I have a problem... (((

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    Extracting all the text into language files is currently being worked on locally in a 0.92 branch. It's pretty far along but probably will be another week+ before it's ready. As far as the name of the module, the parameter you want it "module_name". Below is a link to that part of the documentation.

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    Hi, I would like to know how it is going with extraction of strings into language files? Is there any progress? As soon as it will be finished or at leastly partly finished I will be able to help with translation to my language (czech).
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    The current version 0.9.2 was localized into string version (my post said 0.93 which was incorrect and I changed it). You can read about the release below:


    GITHUB Repo:

    The 0.9.3 release will hopefully be out in a week or so and will contain a few additions to the lang files, but nothing major.
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    Hi, thanks a lot. I dit not know there are those files available.

    I have started with localization and found following error after changing $lang['form_label_location']. This key is not used just in caption but also in SQL query. After changing it I get following error.

    Unknown column 'fuel_pages.Umístění' in 'where clause'

    SELECT fuel_pages.*, fuel_users.user_name, fuel_users.first_name, fuel_users.last_name, fuel_users.email, CONCAT(fuel_users.first_name, fuel_users.last_name) AS full_name FROM (fuel_pages) LEFT JOIN `fuel_users` ON `fuel_users`.`id` = `fuel_pages`.`last_modified_by` WHERE `fuel_pages`.`Umístění` = 'test4'

    Filename: core/MY_Model.php

    Line Number: 260

    Maybe it is because I uploaded files into 0.93 version not in 0.92 as you said...
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    Thanks for the report. What page are you seeing that error (e.g. in the admin modules page, on the front end when viewing a page, etc)? And to clarify, 0.9.3 is not released yet.
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    It is in the admin modules page, to be more accurate - when I try to create new page. If I edit existing pages everything works fine.

    I am using v0.9.2 (I mistyped it of course:))

    The error is cauesed by the lang['form_label_location'] in the page_model.php

    function on_before_validate($values){
    $this->add_validation('location', array(&$this, 'is_editable'), lang('error_val_empty_or_already_exists', lang('form_label_location')), array('location', $values['id']));
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    Thanks for the clarification. I've just pushed a fix for that file on the master branch.
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    Has anyone made some headway on a French translation for the backend. If not, I'll work on it in my spare time. I just don't want to reinvent the wheel...
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    Not yet. That would be great! Let us know once you're done.
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