Image resize and thumbnail creation from the Assets module upon upload

Hi, FUEL CMS is Amazing. Thanks for this great framework!

I've seen announcing this in this post:
Is it already implemented or not yet? Is there a way to have this functionality anyway?

Thanks in advance!


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    The Assets module in the admin does now have options to make thumbnails and resize when you click on the Upload button to upload a new file.
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    I'm sorry, I haven't realized it!

    Anyway, when I try to upload an image in the Assets module in the Admin I got this error:
    "The filetype you are attempting to upload is not allowed."

    The image that I'm trying to upload is 305K 568x760px and my settings in MY_fuel.php are:

    // max upload files size for assets
    $config['assets_upload_max_size'] = 5000;

    // max width for asset image uploads
    $config['assets_upload_max_width'] = 1024;

    // max height for asset image uploads
    $config['assets_upload_max_height'] = 768;

    The same for jpg and for png file there another configuration that I'm missing?

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    Also, I've tried adding this configuration in MY_fuel.php:

    $config['editable_asset_filetypes'] = array(
    'images' => 'jpg|jpeg|jpe|gif|png',
    'pdf' => 'pdf',
    'media' => 'jpg|jpeg|jpe|png|gif|mov|mp3|aiff'

    But got the same error...
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    Hmm... I'm assuming that the images folder is writable and you are attempting to upload into the assets/images folder correct? Sometimes that error message will appear because it will run the xss_clean function on the uploaded image if the module parameter of "sanitize_images" is set to TRUE and that function can return a FALSE positive. If you are uploading and image via the Assets module though, that parameter should be set to FALSE by default.

    The logic for the file upload exists in the fuel/modules/fuel/controllers/module.php file in the _process_uploads method if you need to debug further.
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