Any way to reroute a path to a file on the webserver either with Fuel or Codeigniter?

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I have a need to redirect users from an old path location for an XML file to a new path location. The old location is /stations/bikeStations.xml and the new path is /data/stations/bikeStations.xml.

I've tried adding this custom route in the routes file, but it doesn't appear to work:

$route['stations/bikeStations.xml'] = 'data/stations/bikeStations.xml';

I also have a stations controller, in which I inserted the following code to check the 2nd URI segment to try and redirect them to the new location that way:

if($this->uri->segment(2) == 'bikeStations.xml') { redirect('data/stations/bikeStations.xml'); }

Why wouldn't this work? I understand it is a Codeigniter thing, but I'm wondering why file references are not supported with the URI routing class in Codeigniter. Perhaps Fuel has something that can work in this case?



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    The end goal is to download it? The second might work if you use force_download(path/to/file) instead of redirect
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    Yes, the end goal is to download it. I figured out how to do it by adding a redirect command in the root .htaccess file. That handled it pretty well, thanks!
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