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frontend page URL

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I am new to FuelCMS and I have just installed it.
A question: if the admin URL is:


what is the frontend URL ?
at http://localhost/fuelcms/ I still get installation results page.


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    That actually is the front end view as a default. If you want to create a new page, you can either change the fuel/application/views/home.php (if you want to use static view files instead of the admin), or you can create a page with the location of "home" in the admin under the Pages module (you must set the fuel_mode config to "AUTO" and admin_enabled = TRUE in the fuel/application/MY_fuel.php config file).

    If you create both, the one from the admin will take precedence.
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    Do you mean fuel/application/home.php or fuel/application/views/home.php ?
    I created the "home" page with the admin, but I would like to modify the home view. Which file do I have to modify?
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    I do not undestand why, after I created an home page I get the following template:

    application/views/home.php hase been removed.
    Ho can I change the template? _layout/main.php in quite empty :-)
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    It should be fuel/application/views/home.php (I corrected it above to prevent confusion for others). You can change the template by changing the files in the fuel/application/views/_layouts/main.php file. That file includes the _blocks/header.php and the _blocks/footer.php file which you can modify as well.
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