Add new rows through inline editing?

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Fantastic, intuitive cms. I've been using codeigniter for a little while, but fuel has certainly opened my eyes to what is possible with the framework. I've used EE, but found it didn't really mesh with how I like to code up sites. This feels about perfect so far, even though I haven't really figured everything out as yet.

Anyway, my question:

I currently have a module setup that integrates nicely with one of my tables. Is it possible to inline edit a new row within the said table? Is that outside the scope of what the inline editing was created for? As an example, it seems like it could be pretty intuitive for the client to be able to add products straight from a particular category page.



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    If you are referring to a front end category page, then yes, you can use the fuel_edit function to accomplish this:
    <?=fuel_edit($product->id, 'Edit Product: '.$product->name, 'products')?>
    OR to create:
    <?=fuel_edit('create', 'Edit Product: '.$product->name, 'products')?>
    This is assuming that the object product exists on the page.

    The demo branch has some good examples:

    If you are referring to the list view in the admin of the module, then no, currently there is no way to edit inline the data from that view (you can only toggle the publish/active state).
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    <?=fuel_edit('create', 'Edit Product: '.$product->name, 'products')?>

    That was just what I needed. Thanks.
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