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Advanced modules public routes.

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At the risk of another silly question today.. It's currently not possible to contain an advanced modules public (IE non /fuel) routes in the module itself right? They have to go into the /application/config/routes.php file?


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    That's correct. The fuel/modules/fuel/config/fuel_routes.php file checks to see if you are in the admin (IN_FUEL_ADMIN) before creating the other routes (to prevent unnecessary overhead when browsing the normal site).
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    Do you (or anyone else) see a benefit to allowing advanced modules routes in the public side of things?

    Maybe even a separate routes file for public to save overhead.

    To my mind, it seems a bit tidier to keep it altogether, ease of install etc. Potential problem of conflicts I guess with other modules assuming the future brings many community driven modules.
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    That is a good idea and will put that on the list.
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