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I've finally (after more beers than I care to count) got this working, just wanted to check something else isn't amiss.

I've got an advanced module I wanted to run a CRON through. It always 404'd on me.

I added the job through the cronjobs interface in fuel. It was always accesible via the browser through all my different iterations.

In the end I had to add this to /fuel/application/third_party/fuel/router.php

if ($segments[0] == '--run=') array_shift($segments);

That now the first line in _validate_request();

I expected "--run=" from the cron command to be parsed out by here. Guess not?

I couldn't get it to work with the existing copy of ci_cron so updated to the later version at still no joy.

Last thing I wanted to check, routes defined in < adv_module >_routes.php don't seem to be available or function? The command was /fuel/clients/cron. Route was FUEL_ROUTE.'clients/cron' = CLIENTS_FOLDER.'clients/cron'.

Routes I'm not fused with, that'll work.. just so I know.


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    Did you try it with the CLI interface instead of the ci_cron.php:
    php /var/www/httpdocs/index.php clients/cron
    If you are on a MAC using MAMP, you may have trouble with pages needing a database connection. If so, this link may help:
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    No didn't try CLI. This isn't on OSX, doing it on Linux VPS.

    I updated that line to this btw:

    if (isset($segments) and $segments[0] == '--run=') array_shift($segments);
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