FUEL inline dashboard (logged in) and frontend JS issues

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I noticed that when I'm logged (and the front-end admin controls are shown top-right in the page) some of my JS scripts have crazy issues. One would be with the HTML5 - JS audio player (jPlayer.org) - it won't work in Firefox 3...
pulled my hair on this for over a day before I realized it had to do with the fact that I was logged in.
Do you have any clue as to what might be the cause of compatibility issues here?
Thanks a lot!


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    I know your pain. I've also run into JS issues with the admin bar in the frontend while building a site using KnockoutJS. I just ended up disabling it in fuel/modules/fuel/libraries/Fuel_page.php where the $inline_edit_bar was being implemented. Fortunately, my project doesn't require the admin bar and I know this is far from being an ideal solution but at least I was able to move forward with the site development. I'm planning to go back and track down the real issue eventually.
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    We are currently working on creating better separation for the inline editing to prevent some of those clashes by removing which removes the need for a bunch of the plugins for inline editing so let us know what you find so we can make adjustments if necessary.
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    Any updates on this front? I'm having issues with Masonry (jquery) when logged in
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    I just posted an update on the inline_edit_bar in the 1.0 branch to detect if jQuery was loaded already and if not, to load it. What was there before wasn't working correctly.
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