'Combo' select : how to set a default value?

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Would it be possible to have a default value selected in a multi-select field that makes use of the supercomboselect?
If you take the tutorial and look at the categories model


how can you set a category to be selected by default (for ex. 'Uncategorized') and just removed from the right pane as soon as the user chooses another category from the left pane?

Hope it's clear what i'm after...


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    I'm so dumb. Just assign the 'value' of the field like so :

    $fields['categories'] = array(
    'options' => $category_options, // Possible values (id =>
    'value' => 1, // Choice with id = 1
    'mode' => 'multi' );
    (hope it helps somebody else...)
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    The value can also be an array which will set multiple values.
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    still i haven't found an easy way to automatically remove the default value upon manual insertion of another one
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