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How to post a file upload from a form?

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I have spent hours trying to get this to work but with no luck. Is there a tutorial for a user-form to upload a file somewhere? Unfortunately, this tutorial only deals with forms displayed within the CMS.

I build my form using this for the image field:

$upload_path = WEB_ROOT.'uploads/'; $fields['image_upload'] = array('type' => 'file', 'label' => 'Image: ', 'accept' => 'gif|jpg|png|jpeg', 'upload_path' => $upload_path, 'required' => FALSE, 'overwrite' => TRUE);

This works on the form and even puts the browse button.

My database field to store the file name is called "image" and is varchar(255);

When I post the form, I can print_r($_FILES) and see all the meta data for the selected file, however, the file does not get uploaded.

Do I need to load a library or a helper?

Do I need to call a function like do_upload() or _process_uploads() or something else?

Any help is appreciated as I am stuck.

Thanks in advance.


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    If this is outside of the Fuel back end you'll need to do some processing of the files to save it.

    Can you paste your controller?

    If you need a head start in the interim, you can see how Fuel handles it in: modules/fuel/controllers/module::create()

    You'll see it runs it's protected _process() method.
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