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javascript call to controller function

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What is wrong with this code?
The first select combo change event works fine but does not work in other event.
var StudentsAttendanceController = {

init : function(initObj){
add_edit : function(){;

alert('not done');



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    Tough to say. But if one is working and the other isn't, I'd double check the source to make sure the id used in the Javascript matches what is in the HTML.
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    The id matches on html and js:
    the html output is

    <td class="value">
    <select name="students_attendance[class_id]" id="students_attendance_class_id">


    <td class="label"><label for="section_id" id="label_section_id">Section
    <td class="value"><select id="students_attendance_section_id" name="students_attendance[section_id]">
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    Not sure if this would help, but do you need an ending </select>
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