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I'm doing an application with FuelCMS in French...

I have some issues while displaying French characters like this one :
"ç" =>  "ç",     #latin small letter c
I can see in this file :
/* Location: ./application/config/strings.php */
than some sort of characters translation is done.

I have a module languages, a model languages corresponding to a table in my database.
In the database,
The following text : "French - Français" is stored like that :
 "French - Français"
When i use my module to list all languages, no problem
I guess the characters translations is done properly.
I can see "French-Français" in the list

But when the language is displayed either in a text-box or in a drop-down menu, it displays :
"French - Français"
As shown here :

Thanks in advance for your help


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    I've just pushed a fix for that issue to GitHub so it won't double translate characters already translated. The fix was specifically to the Form library. Also, just so you are aware, there is an auto_encode_entities property you can set on your model to specifically tell what fields to encode. By default it is set to TRUE:
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    Thank you very much :)
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