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Custom controller methods

edited November 2011 in Modules
I wrote a custom controller in the advanced module.
The custom controller name is something like

class XXX_store extends Fuel_base_controller {

function __construct()
function select_damn_things() {

function list_damn_things() {
print_r($_POST); //for testing only

in the damn_things.php - I am calling the list_damn_things via jquery
'<?php echo fuel_url("XXX_store/list_damn_things"); ?>',
{ account : selectedItem },
function(response) {
if (response == 1) {
alert('username available');
} else {
alert('username taken');

I get redirected to page not found... with the following error in fire bug
http://localhost/XXX_web/index.php/fuel/XXX_store/list_damn_things" 404 Not Found
I know page is not found -- but is there a config I am missing? Can any one please help?


  • edited 12:01PM
    This is awesome -- entry missing in module routes file. added
    $route[FUEL_ROUTE.'XXX_store/list_damn_things'] = 'XXX_store/list_damn_things';

    Hope this helps some one .:)
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