Remove the "... OR upload an image"

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I just want one upload input not the two its currently showing hes what i have put then it shows 2 browsed for PDF input and i only require 1

$fields['product_installation_pdf'] = array('label' => 'Upload Installation PDF', 'type' => 'file', 'upload_path' =>assets_server_path('products', 'pdf'), 'overwrite' => TRUE);


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    see the image on imageshack i just want the first browse upload box not the second one so how do i get rid of that?

    URL to image:

    So need to remove the ...OR upload part, can you explain how I do such thing?
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    if you do a print_r($fields); it should give you all the fields. Then to remove it, you can do:

    The ... OR upload comes from the fuel/modules/fuel/models/base_module_model.php form_fields method (which is what the models are inheriting from). It looks for a field ending with _img or _image, and then adds that (see line 444 in that file).
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    Ok thanks but i cant remove the line on 444, nor can i get print_r to show, am i doing something worng?
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    The reference to line 444 was just so you know where that field is coming from. You should be able to place the following in your model's form_fields() method:
    echo '<pre>'; print_r($fields); echo '</pre>';
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