FuelCMS butts heads with Codeigniter? Well, it can... but needn't!

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I'd like to use the Codeigniter img() function from the HTML helper with the FuelCMS assets_path() function from the Asset library, they look like they'd play nice together. However, using them like this:

img(assets_path($row['photo_file'], 'photos')) ;

results in a nasty url with a closing '/' from the img() function and an opening one from assets_path(), repeating the subfolder if present (eg if the application was in a subfolder of the server context eg "/folder" you get "/folder//folder/..."). Without some unpleasant substringing, is this unavoidable?


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    Good news! I answered my own question, By using the 4th argument of assets_path() declaring the url absolute, img() must acknowledge this and doesn't interfere, so the working usage becomes:

    img(assets_path($row['photo_file'], 'photos', NULL, TRUE));
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