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Hi there,
has there anything been done to to support postgresql with FUEL? I've seen a request from 2010, but no follow ups ..

as far as i can see, fuel/application/core/MY_DB_postgre_driver.php and fuel/application/core/MY_DB_postgre_result.php would have to be provided, MY_Model.php would have to be slightly adjusted, and SimplePie would be not supported in big parts as it doesn't use CI at all but directly the php mysql api, is that correct or are there other places ?

Are there any unit/regression tests against the FUEL mysql driver extensions that could be used to test the new driver?


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    To my knowledge, I'm not aware of anyone who has taken on that task of porting over the postres driver.

    What you listed sounds about right. I actually wasn't aware of SimplePie so that's good to know. We currently don't have any unit tests that are useable for the driver extensions.
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    forgot one: there has to be a different installer SQL as well.

    I'm a bit short on time right now, but this is definitly on my list, so i'll probably hack something together sooner or later. Let me know if you want the patch. Would be cool if someone picks up the burden of writing a set of tests, would harden the drivers ( i have seen sqlight3 requests) and is the right way (tm) anyway :-)
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    I would definitely be interested in the patch. Also, I totally agree about the tests. The Tester module was a way to make it a little easier (and sometimes even fun), however, it does run on MySQL and it should use something like sqlite. We don't have very many tests in there now, but hopefully soon (or if someone gets an urge). That's more on us I think to make those requests from the community.
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    could I please get the patch for porting Fuel to postgresql? Is fuel ported to postgresql yet?
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    Hey pfote... any luck with the port to postgres?
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    nope, $boss had something different in mind for me suddenly. but it's only postponed, not forgotten :-)
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