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UG - form_builder

edited December 2010 in Bug Reports

All the function references are for $this->form->a_function() but the examples show (and it is) $this->form_builder->a_function()

Could be confusing for people not familiar with CI's loader...

And perhaps and example of how to set an attribute instead of just the fields?


$this->form_builder->required_text = '* Mandatory fields';

May not be obvious for some?


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    Yeah indeed it wasn't obvious to a newbie like me.
    Is the code below correct Lance ?
    $this->form_builder->form_attrs = array('method' => 'get', 'action' => 'submit');
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    That's (one of) the correct ways to use the form_attrs var yeah. Could be as a string as the UG points out.

    Action should be a destination url though.

    It'll render something like:

    <form method="get" action="my_processor.php">

    Can use site_url() in there if you want to as well.
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