jQuery in backend - advanced modules

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I'd like to use tabbed browsing, popup boxes etcin the backend, is this at all possible and how?


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    There are a couple ways you can include javascript:

    1. Add javascript globally to the FUEL admin using the fuel_javascript configuration parameter

    2. Add javascript for a simple module using either the "js" parameter or the "js_controller" parameter, with the latter using the jQX framework. You can change which views are used for your list, create/edit pages with the "view_location" parameter. Asset files can go in either your main asset folder or a module specific asset folder:

    If you are creating a more specialized advanced module, meaning one like the SEO or the validate module that comes with FUEL and doesn't use the normal list view, create/edit view, you can use either your controllers or your view files (using the js() function) to insert javascript like you would any other CI site.
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