CodeIgniter Sparks in FuelCMS

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Does FuelCMS have support for Sparks? Is there any documentation on how to install sparks in the FuelCMS environment? Also, what version of CodeIgniter does FuelCMS use? Does it stay up-to-date with CodeIgniter releases? Thanks for the answers!


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    FuelCMS is a little behind in versions at the moment on the version of CodeIgniter and so it doesn't technically support Sparks. We do plan to have it updated in the next release. However, there is currently no date set for the next release... we are working on it.
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    Is there any way for us to get around this or is it a significant enough rewrite that it must wait for the next version?
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    Sparks is still not part released 2.1 codebase. FUEL isn't leveraging Sparks yet but we are interested in how it progresses especially along the lines of being able to create modules (including controllers) and being integrated with CI. FUEL uses the HMVC library which overwrites the Loader class and is something that Sparks does as well and so they would need to be merged and tested. We are anxious to see what sort of changes are on the horizon for CI.
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