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I'm wondering how to add captions to an asset that will be rendered in a module, Articles, as in the tutorial.

Currently the text editor seems to allow for the user to insert any asset that is under the asset tab in the CMS, but it just inserts the image and that's it. I want a user to easily be able to add a caption to an image and have that image be wrapped in a div along with the caption underneath it.

Is this functionality built in to Fuel? I was thinking about building something where I have an Image module that will have an attribute "caption", and then the user would put in some sort of placeholder like "" that my controller would replace with a function call to the image model returning the image and caption to be rendered. Seems like a hack, though, and probably less than user-friendly.

Anyone experienced this need before and have any suggestions? Thanks for the assistance.



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    The built in Assets module, only looks for the file names on the server and does not have a separate table that stores that meta information with it.

    I think you are on the right track. You could create a module that has an image and caption field (and any other field for that matter), that would allow you to make those associations.
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    This looks like how I think I'll do it. When I implement it, I'll let you know how it works or if I have any isues.
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