Accessing a base_module_record from its base_module_model ... ?

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Not sure if that makes any sense so let me try to explain.
I've written my own class that extends base_module_model and base_module_record of course - and I want to add a default on_before_delete callback to all the objects of such class.
Now the real question is, how can i access the properties and methods of the base_module_record from the base_module_model itself?

Imagine that i have a record-level method for retrieving the image upload path, and that i want to delete all files inside the on_before_delete hook. How can I pass the $values['id'] to the record-level object and get the upload path back? Do i need to instantiate it ?

something like
 $tmp = new MY_OWN_base_module_record_OBJECT() 
refers to the model, not the record object inside the on_before_delete hook...


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    Because only the array of information is being passed, you'll have to retrieve the object first then delete it:
    $record = $this->my_model->find_by_key($values['id'];

    The MY_Model delete method will accept either an array for the where condition or a Data_record class object. The delete method on the Data_record object actually just passes itself ($this) to the MY_Model delete method.
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    oh man, me so stupid. thanks ;)
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