My Google Analytics module - with dashboard graph

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Hello there,
i noticed the FuelCMS Google Analytics module provided here doesn't really work (at least here...)
So i took inspiration from PyroCMS's builtin Google Analytics module and ported it to FuelCMS.
If anyone's interested i'll put it up for you to download - let me know
UPDATE You can find it on GitHub :

Basically it allows you to see the last month's page views / unique visits graphed by jQuery Flot.
Here's a screenshot

Note to admin: may I suggest to have forum category for the community to share useful modules? That would be so awesome, really!


  • Hi pierlo, I haven't actually tried the Modules-pack yet, but I wanted to try it solely for the GA dashboard. Could you let Admin know what doesnt work so that he can get it fixed?
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    Pierlo, wow!... Are you willing to share that? I'd be happy to replace the one in the module pack with that because all it does is take you to Google analytics without logging in (it's pretty lame). Send me a note if you are.

    There is a share category in the forum. However, we don't have an infrastructure to better facilitate the sharing of those modules. We've been talking about that here for a while, but...well we haven't gotten to it.
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    Yes, sorry - it's not that the module didn't work, it's just that it's not that useful...
    admin, i've sent you a PM about the module.
    Talking about the module sharing platform, an idea could be to have an open collaboration of coders from the community work on it... :)
    Or maybe just a moderated sticky post of modules submitted by the community could be enough for now
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    yea like it. i also implemented ga into fuel.

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    Hey webcam!
    yours is a little more advanced, I planned on adding that extra functionality as well for my module - but if you feel like sharing yours... :)
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    A moderated sticky post for modules is a good idea until we get something better running.

    I think a community driven sharing platform is a great idea, and would happily help where is needed. Truthfully, it would probably be a while before we at Daylight would be able to develop something to fit the communities needs so this would probably be a better solution.
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    I've released it on GitHub

    Hope you find it useful.
    I'm planning to add some extra features to it - basically the same stuff @webcam's own GA module as shown in the picture above and possibly on-the-fly timeframe adjustment.
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    It's funny you don't mention this in the README since you asked the question yourself in another thread, but for people who just tried to install this.

    - This module is designed for the dashboard. So you need to add it do the 'dashboards' key in your MY_fuel.php config, eg

    $config['dashboards'] = array('google_analytics');

    Since you're overriding the fuel default, if you want those back, it looks like

    $config['dashboards'] = array('google_analytics','fuel','backup');
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    Thanks! :)
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    I've finally remembered to update the readme, thanks for the hint @tw12lve
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    BTW... just used the module for a project we had and was great!
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    Glad i can give something back, FuelCMS has been my weapon of choice for about a year now!
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    Has anyone updated this? It appears that GA has changed so much that the script isn't working correctly anymore :(

    Plus using the Tracker ID instead of the profile ID:

    The Profile ID location is in the URL when you're logged in:
    For the NEW VERSION analytic page it is the number at the end of the URL starting with p

    I tried using it, but the script still failed. Gives an error connecting to GA.

    Looks like GA updated their API to a new version which isn't compatible with the older one. Not sure if that's the cause of the errors.
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    That's weird – it's still working fine for me...? maybe you didn't set it up correctly?
    You need to log in on your Analytics account, click on the profile for the domain, and look at the URL. Simply grab that number after the 'p' at the end and paste it under

    inside google_analytics/config/google_analytics.php

    if you did that and it still fails, are you sure the password provided is the right one? And what about the tracking code ?
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    I've just tried my GA module installs for v0.93 & v1.0 and both seem to be working fine
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    Ahh... got it! I thought I read it needed 9 digits... but it's only the 8 numeric digits it needs.
    SMH :)
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    i just tried installing this on a fresh install of fuelcms 1.0... it would be good to mention that you need to add 'google_analytics' within $config['modules_allowed']. also, you will need to add $config['dashboards'] = array('fuel','google_analytics'); since it doesn't include it in the config file by default. after that.. it worked like a charm. thanks for the addition!
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    As an FYI, I believe the README on GitHub mentions adding to the $config['dashboards'] config:

    Also, if you use FUEL's command line tool to install, it will automatically add it to the $config['modules_allowed'].
    php index.php fuel/installer/install google_analytics
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    Update - I've recently installed this module in another site, and even when the Google account is made to accept "less secure apps" it still fails. Does the authentication need updating?
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    I'm not sure at this point and probably won't get to digging into and fixing the problem for a while. So if anyone else has the time to dive in, I'd be happy to assist. Here are a few links to get started down the right track.

    In my testing of it, it seems to get hung up on the second CURL request to retrieve the visitor data (or any data). I'm able to get the Authentication CURL request, but the second one to retrieve the data just hangs. Could be a change in how Google handles it.

    Updating the Analytics library didn't help either:
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    Some good news. After a day or 2 the graph started working, but I'm not sure why - maybe changing Google's settings takes a while to take effect?
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    Hmmm... well look at that... it's working again for me too. Thanks for the update.
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    Any plans to update this to OAuth2? I was researching how to do it for my application, but I don't know how (since I have zero experience with Google API). Seems like it would mean we need to rewrite the whole module...

    The embed API seems like a simpler alternative:
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    That embed API looks interesting. If you do plan on implementing perhaps your own Dashboard with this, I'd love to see it.
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