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Two versions of Jquery when logged into admin

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I'm fairly new to CI and Fuel and I'm having an issue with 2 Jquery files being loaded when logged in to the dashboard - one being called by the dashboard and one being called from my footer block. This is throwing a JS error.

I've been trying to wrap my head around loading assets with the Asset class but can't seem to get it to work (I'm sure it's something simple). Currently, in my header and footer blocks, I am calling scripts in the regular fashion.

If I'm not logged in Javascript behaves normally.

Could someone help point me in the right direction? Any help would be most appreciated.


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    Do you have the site hosted somewhere to review or can you provide information about the error messages?
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    I'm behind a corporate firewall. The error message says a function is not a function. If I remove that function the next one returns the same error.

    I'm pretty confident it's because Jquery is being loaded twice if I'm logged into the admin. I can see it in Firebug.
  • Can't you just remove it from the footer block if it's loaded twice?
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    I did try that and and it throws a Jquery not defined error.

    When logged in, the jquery file for the Fuel module gets loaded after my scripts.
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    What if you load your stuff javascript in the header instead of the footer?
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    I just resolved this somehow...I think it was a caching issue. Thanks everyone.
  • Fyi there is a clear cache function if you click on "Page Cache" link on the left hand side. I make use of it quite often.
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    Thanks! Good to know :)
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