Opt-in Controller pages not showing up under pages in the admin panel

edited September 2011 in Modules
I created a static page via the opt-in controller method where I just created a view file, and created a variable to go along with it. When I go to the admin panel and click pages, nothing shows up in here. I would have thought that the new page I created would have showed up in here. Why did it not and what can I do to make it show up in the admin panel for editing?


  • I found this page http://www.getfuelcms.com/user_guide/modules/fuel/pages which helped me out. If you create an opt-in controller and want to make it editable via "pages" link in the admin panel, you need to go to pages, click create, and give the location the same name as the view file you created and once you save it, it will ask if you want to import content. Click yes and you're view file is there.
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