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im trying to make the fuelcms work on the server. On localhost everything is working fine, but on the server something is not working as expected. After 2 hours of looking up for a solution I found out there was a problem with the $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'] located on fuel_constants.php returning an empty string. Since fuelcms folder is under {root}/private/, I set $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'] to '/private/index.php'. Everything is working fine right now except at the time of loading the list tables. So I opened the Chrome console and figured out that the ajax request was returning a 404 error (not found). The URL trying to display the table list in this case is /private/cms/articles/items/. I assumed this is caused by some issue related with some $_SERVER variable.

Any toughts?

This is driving me crazy!



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    Are you able to browse to that page normally (not via ajax)?
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