Bringing existing CI app into FuelCMS

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A CI app I wrote (data analysis, chart/graph display) is in need of extended content handling, so I'm looking at FuelCMS. Is there a thread/doc somewhere that outlines the steps for bringing an existing CI app into FuelCMS? Would this be what the docs refer to as an 'advanced module'?


BTW: FuelCMS -> Wow! Nice job!


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    We don't have any documentation for migrating to FUEL from an existing website. However, depending on your setup, it may or may not be that difficult. FUEL allows you to keep your existing controllers and views, so if possible, I would start with a fresh copy of FUEL and then bring over all the Controllers, views, models, helpers, etc from your existing application. You may also need to change your images, and CSS to be in an assets folder to make that part a little smoother (not necessary but a lot less configuration if you do). If you want to expose some of your models to be editable in the admin, then you can create a simple module as per the documentation.

    If you want it to be it's own stand alone thing, you could create it as an advanced module.
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